Word Discussion

While working on the Microsoft Word assignments did your ever think to yourself “Why do I need to know this stuff?” Review “Keys to the Future: Align Workforce Readiness Skills to Ensure Student Success.” After reading the linked white paper, discuss three reasons it is essential for you to attain and enhance your Microsoft Office skills.

Post to this discussion. Once you have posted, you will be able to see posts from your classmates. Be sure to return to this forum to engage in a discussion with your classmates by responding thoughtfully to at least one other post. Your Reply post should contain information showing you have read the information in a classmates post.



I think the following are 3 good reasons we should attain and enhance our Microsoft Office Skills.

1. It will assist us preparing a more presentable and effective resume when we are thinking of changing careers or just starting our career. It can separate us from the rest of the applicants.

2. It shows the potential employer you do have at least average Microsoft Word skills and that you can learn a program and utilize it’s functions.

3. It provide employee readiness. As the article states- employers are looking today more than ever for an employee that is ready to hit the ground running. Gone are the days a degree and no experience will get you in the door. They want a potential employee to come with the basic skills needed to at least perform the administrative tasks of the job.

I have been in healthcare management for 22 years and am just now coming back to school for my degree. My employer requires all their managers to have or be actively working on the bachelors degree. I learned so much from these Word projects. I had no idea Word could do so much and that I have been doing so little in the program. I will definitely be utilizing what I have learned in my future projects. Not only does this help my career but it will benefit my education experience as well!


If the last 2 decades has shown us anything, it’s that people can get famous for almost anything.
Oh, and also that computers and digital technology have changed the course of our society – our species – our world. Forever.
Computers play such a major role in the society in which we currently live, you don’t stand a fighting chance of getting ahead if you aren’t equipped with some basic computer skills, at the very least. Moreover, advances in technology show no signs of slowing down – If anything, they’re accelerating.
Having solid, fundamental knowledge of some of the most commonly used software programs of our time is tantamount to shining through and winning out over the competition in today’s job market.
Having a solid understanding of the programs we are currently working with in this class gives you some advantages, like when it comes to creating your resume- the very first impression you make to most employers.
This information can help you get ahead in many careers, be it impressive and engaging presentations, accurate and easy to follow spreadsheets, or eye-pleasing, easy to read documents, that more concisely convey the intended information.
Taking this course in the time we live in is a win-win, regardless of your future endeavors.

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