Write a Historical Conversation Project Research Planning based on the Chapter “Nanny Dilemma”

Historical Conversation Project Research Planning

The Historical Conversation Project, asks you to do four things:

(1) define and describe a significant political/social/cultural problem

(2) justify and frame this problem to convince an audience that the issue you’re addressing and the questions you’re asking are relevant right now

(3) summarize and critically evaluate various conversations and debates made by credible scholars and organizations about your topic

(4) describe and decipher the historical contexts of the problem at hand by locating evidence from both the past and the present that tie the problem as we see it today to its past.

Further consider points 1 and 2, and begin work on point 4. You have already selected a problem that you would like to address that is linked to our focus of global gender issues and directly tied to socioeconomic and/or racial inequities. Now, begin to strategize on the structure of your project.

Task one: narrow your project into one question that applies your chosen issue to a relevant framework.

Task two: free-write for ten minutes on each of the following structural areas to map-out a pathway to explore this project. In your introduction, focus on why your audience should care about your project. In your body paragraphs, decide how you will present your topic in such a way as to emphasize relevancy and urgency. Also determine where historical content may be advantageous—dispersed throughout or placed in its own subheading? In your conclusion, what proposal or solution might you offer to the audience?

Task three: Outline your paragraphs and include notes on potential research opportunities.

Please provide evidences from text to support your argument

I have uploaded the text for “Nanny Dilemma”

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