Write a professional technical paper on the topic “King for a Day – How I Would Solve the World’s Most Serious Problem.”

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Write a professional technical paper on the topic “King for a Day – How I Would Solve the World’s Most Serious Problem. In your paper, you will (a) identify what YOU think is the world’s most serious problem, (b) explain why it IS the world’s most serious problem, (c) review what other people have done over the past 10-25-50-100 years to try to solve that problem, (d) comment on why it remains unsolved, and (e) propose what YOU would do to solve that problem. Your solution can be creative, but cannot be a flight of fancy – it must be rooted in reality.

Look for articles on this topic to provide you with some insight and ideas.You will need to find, use, cite and reference at least six (6) articles, at least four(4)of which must be from a non-websource (‘Non-web’ sources can still be accessed on web but must have appeared in print somewhere)Remember that Wikipedia is nothing more than a collection of someone else’s ideas on a topic. Granted, some of those ideas may have been vetted and corrected when needed. But it is hardly considered to be an authoritative reference source.

The paper should be at least five (5) pages longexcludingallfigures, tables, charts, and references (none of these will be included in your page tally)and have a 100 word or less abstract(which is included in the 5 pages).If you go over seven (7) pages of textI get cranky and start taking points away.Use 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced, with 1 inch margins. The heading should be a one line title and a one line ‘by –’ with your name.

You should have appropriate sections in your paper, besides the abstract, including an introduction, a background or information section, anappropriately named section or two where you provide arguments in support of the topicand a closing or summary section. You should properly referenceand cite sources, of course, for all information including figures and tables. All references mentioned in the text should be listed in the Reference List, and vice versa.

Reference citations in the text should be consistent with the reference citation guidelines provided on pgs 29ffon the following website: http://ascelibrary.org/doi/pdf/10.1061/9780784479018.ch05. Thus, if you were citing some point from a Mr. Deweys book in your paper, your sentence might read something like, “Dewey(1985) suggested that …” If the citation has 2 authors, it might be something along the lines of, “While Cheetum and Howe (1971) argue that …” Finally, if there are 3 or more authors, it is acceptable to write, “I do not agree with the points made by Tappitt, et al (1963) with regard to the use of …”

You are REQUIRED to have the Writing Center review a draft of your paper as it develops. Your final submittal must include your graded rough draftstapled to the back of the final draft.

Your first draft is due as Homework 9 (Tuesday03/20/2018)attach a printed Draft Term Paper evaluation rubric (also provided in Canvas) with your name on it as the cover page.

Your final draft is due as Tuesday05/01/2018attach a printed Final Term paper evaluation rubric(to be provided at a later date)with your name on it as the cover page for your final submission.

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