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The book is Dancing Healars.

someones reply is;

In chapter 12, Dr. Hammerschlag describes his journey of learning to heal his patients as effectively as possible. He states “I have learned that the patient doesn’t need a scientist who simply carries out instructions from the laboratory manual. Patients don’t want to be cases — they want to be healed.” He goes on to discuss how he learned that patients “want to participate in their own wellness or their own death” and this shows that Dr. Hammerschlag learned how to respect patient’s autonomy even when they seem to not be listening, or when their wishes are the direct opposite of his own. Throughout the book, Hammerschlag tells stories that include keeping an open mind to his patients beliefs and wishes. Eventually he feels that he has become the best healer he can be, and he says “as I’ve learned to share the steps of others I’ve discovered my own music.” As Dr. Hammerschlag learns more about becoming a true healer, he takes in his experiences by listening to his patients and uses this information to change his perspective on patient care. This impacts his success as a psychiatrist by allowing him to learn about where his patients are coming from, and how their experiences have changed their perspective.

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