Write a research report on Sports Gambling laws in the U.S.

Write a research report regarding Sports Gambling Laws in the United States

Length: 10 Pages, Double Spaced, size 12 font Times New Roman

Details: Thoroughly discuss the relevant matters of sports gambling in the US. Debate what the current laws are/should be. Which sports do people gamble on the most? Why was sports betting illegal? Should sports like professional basketball and football allow gambling if they can regulate it? How are Vegas odds set? Difference between parlays and singular bets? Local Bookies vs. Online sports books? Do you have to pay taxes on gambling winnings?

Those questions listed above must be discussed in the paper. Other relevant matters you find in sources can be included as well.

– examples of people breaking sports gambling laws in the past (Pete Rose MLB) (Tim Donaghy NBA Referee) (Boston College Basketball team) – those all MUST be included, and you should reference other examples as well.

Use AT LEAST 5 scholarly sources.

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