5 year post-master trajectory plan, health and medical assignment help

Question description


To describe the Graduate Student Nurse Leader’s plan for professional growth during the five years following program completion (May 2017).

Please Develop:

A five year personal trajectory plan that outlines, based on the pillars of teaching, service, scholarship and practice (in master’s level nursing education) and congruent with competencies in the Health Systems Leadership track.


– Must have At least 5 References must be cited using APA formatting that are within the last 5 years.

– Must be at least 6 pages in length (NOT INCLUDING REFERENCES AND TITTLE PAGE).

– Must be written in paragraph form and include introduction, body, and conclusion. And must also use the template to provide abbriviated version.

– Primary and secondary headings

– Include table to illustrate 5 year trajectory – please see attached template

Student Specifications:

– Year 1: The student would like to obtain a nursing leadership job in the Long Term Care setting, preferably the Assistant Director of nursing.

– Year 2: The student would like to enroll in MBA online school, with a focus in healthcare administration.The student would like to attain Director of nursing status.

-Year 3: The student would like to have achieved higher status in the corporate ladder in the healthcare administration of nursing homes. Preferably regional director. The student would like to develop leadership skills. The student will also have liked to get involved in local healthcare policies, like joining a committee.

-Year 4: The student would like to have finished MBA program. During this year, the student would like to obtain a post-master’s Nurse Executive Certificate from Harvard university or another elite institution. During this year the student would like to develop connections and networking abilities within the healthcare/nursing sector and state policy sector.

– Year 5: The student would like to be in an executive roll in a healthcare company (particularly focused in the long term care – nursing home sector). During this year, the student continue to develop skill through higher education, maybe through obtaining a nurse-executive Doctorate of Nursing Practice, or continuing to obtain other certification in in elite institutions.

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