Assignment: Order and Transitions

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Assignment: Order and Transitions

How are you linking main ideas in your writing? Might changing your paragraph’s order of content improve cohesion or flow of ideas? Are you writing in an objective, scholarly tone?

For this Assignment, you will review the Learning Resources on scholarly tone and transitions. With the principle outlined in the Learning Resources in mind, try your hand at further revising your paragraph from Week 4 Assignment. You will also submit a first-draft second paragraph, focusing on a different main point from Week 2 Assignment Critical Reading and Outlining

To prepare for this Assignment

  • Review the Learning Resources on scholarly voice, transitions and, if necessary, the MEAL plan from Week 4.
  • Review the content of your selected journal article.
  • Choose another main point from Week 2 Assignment Critical Reading and Outlining.

The Assignment

Revise your paragraph from Week 4’s Assignment, ensuring you are effectively linking ideas and writing in a scholarly tone.

Skills-Related Assessment

Conducting an assessment of the abilities that have been acquired by training is an important aspect in determining the suitability of those trained to get intended tasks accomplished. A study by Julien, Lexis, Schuijers, Samiric, & McDonald (2012), presents an examination of skill-related assessments in an attempt to illustrate how they can be used to standardize and improve the instruction of research skills and graduate capabilities such as in “writing, speaking, research/inquiry, critical thinking, team work, and problem-solving skills”. The study examines the relationship between the introduction of a writing-intensive capstone series and improvement in inquiry and analysis skills of Bachelor of Health Science undergraduates.The inclusions of skill-related assessments are to ensure that there is a close alignment between the learning goals and are significant to evaluate the skills and to assess whether learning goals have been met.The benefits of building meaningful writing assignments into science courses are illustrated as being profound and wide ranging. It has been demonstrated in the study that with improvement, students’ inquiry and analysis skills provide for an understanding of course requirements among the learners regarding knowledge and skills, leading to more focused learning approaches.

Additionally, compose a first-draft paragraph summarizing another one of the article’s main points that you identified in Week 2 Assignment Critical Reading and Outlining.

Student Centered Learning

  1. Student-centered learning provides a focused approach to knowledge development among college students.
  1. The implementation of well-designed subjects is responsible for promoting authentic experiences, the integration of knowledge and collaboration (Julien et al., 2012).
  1. The capstone subjects provided opportunities for learners to actively participate, process as well as construct knowledge.
  2. The capstones implemented provide an opportunity for student to control what they are learning rather than give all power to the educator.
  3. Engagement with the learning content was an integral part of the capstones thus providing the student with an opportunity to direct their learning (Julien et al., 2012).
  4. The student-centered learning approach ensures that the responsibility for learning and developing knowledge rests on the students with teachers acting as facilitators of knowledge.
  5. The capstone project provided authentic research experience to learners to promote skill development that led to work readiness (Julien et al., 2012).
  6. To further promote student-centered learning assessments were designed to explicitly address the attributes and interests of the graduate students with the move from content focused to learner focused learning environment enhancing skill development (Julien et al., 2012).


  1. Julien, B. L., Lexis, L., Schuijers, J., Samiric, T., & McDonald, S. (2012). Using Capstones to Develop Research Skills and Graduate Capabilities: A Case Study from Physiology. Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice9(3), 6.
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