As a nurse, it is important to acknowledge strengths and weaknesses so that one can make improvements where it is necessary. When implementing an evidence based project it is just as important to recognize one’s strengths and weaknesses. Giomuso states, “The nursing profession has developed into a sophisticated mindset of inquiry as to what works, what does not work, and what is best for the patient” (Giomuso, 2014). One personal strength I believe I have regarding professional presentations is my ability to get my point across in a clear and concise manner where the audience understands what I am saying and feels that they can ask questions and inquire more information about the subject. A weakness I have is getting nervous presenting to a larger group of unfamiliar people, I can always hear my voice quiver and that makes me more nervous. Sawchuck (2017) states the following to help people with fear of public speaking overcome it:

Know your topic

Get organized

Practice, and then practice some more

Challenge specific worries

Visualize your success

Do some deep breathing

Focus on your material, not on your audience

Don’t fear a moment of silence

Recognize your support

Get support

I find these very helpful when preparing myself to give a presentation to a group of people I am unfamiliar with. The one I found to be most useful is practice. I practice for a lot of things and this triggers my memory when giving the actual presentation.




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