Communicational Skills/Lynn Simmons

Week 4 Journal

Communication Skills Test

Good communication is an essential tool in the 21st century. Employers across the United States consistently rate communication as one of the top priorities for securing and retaining employment. Part of the career counselor’s role is assisting clients in this area. Communication is multifaceted, in that it incorporates writing, speaking, non-verbal skills (i.e., body language and facial expression), and listening. How we communicate is inextricably linked to our level of emotional intelligence. In order for clients to be adequately prepared to seek employment and meet other career-related goals, they must have an understanding of their communication strengths and weaknesses.

Take the Communications Skills Test (see instructions under required readings for this week). After taking the test, address the following questions in your journal submission:

·  What where your scores?

My scores were exceptionally high at a  (91)

·  Did your scores align with how you perceive your communication skills?

Yes! They did.

·  Was the feedback received after taking the test helpful? Why or why not?

They feedback that I received after taking the test was quite helpful because it showed me where I was located on the level of communication with others

·  Can you think of a specific situation when utilizing this tool or the extended version with a client would be beneficial?

Maybe if a client is having relationship difficulties or not able to communicate with others or misunderstanding what others are trying to relay to them.

·  How might this tool help clients meet their career needs?

It would show them where they needed help in their communication with others

Your journal should be a 700- to 1050-words (2- to 3-pages) in length,

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