Economy Paper

Question description

Each student will complete a 500 – 750 word (not including title and references pages) individual paper discussing the economic costs of staff turnover in hospitals and healthcare facilities in the United States.

Focus on four major themes: 1) impact on quality of patient care, 2) impact on healthcare system costs, 3) impact on retention of nurses in the profession, and 4) strategies to positively influence these costs. Students are expected to apply concepts and analytical understanding gained in course readings and videos to address these topics.

Follow APA format.Assignments are to be submitted in conjunction with Turnitin.

*No more than 15% of your paper should be found from online/other sources according to Turnitin’s plagiarism report.

A minimum of two references should be used. (No references before 2013) One of these sources should be from a peer-reviewed article. This document must be placed in your portfolio after graded and corrected according to the professor’s suggestions.

Rubric for Economics of Nursing Paper

Criteria Poor

(0 – 79%s)


(80% – 89%)


(90% – 100%)

Points earned/possible

Relevant introduction that synthesizes the focus of nursing turnover economics issues

Omits or fails to provide an introduction to nursing economics issues Introduction is present, but does not fully synthesize an adequate introduction to focus of the paper Introduces the paper, synthesizing the focus of the nursing economics topic in an above satisfactory manner ___/20
Discusses the impact of nurse turnover to general healthcare economics Omits or fails to address the relevance/impact on this subject Provides some relevance/impact to nursing Provides an above satisfactory relevance/impact to nursing ___40
Discusses the relevance of nursing turnover economics at local, national, and international levels Omits or fails to address the relevance/impact to health care economics at local and national levels Provides some relevance/impact to health care economics at local and national levels Provides an above satisfactory relevance/impact to health care economics at local and national levels ___/40
Conclusion Omits and/or fails to provide conclusion to paper

Omits and/or fails to summarize key points

Provides conclusion, but has difficulty summarizing key points Provides above satisfactory conclusion to the paper, addressing key points fully. ___/20
Grammar and syntax Grammar and syntax with significant errors Some errors in grammar and syntax are noted Grammar and syntax without errors ___/15
APA format (title page, headings, citations, reference(s) page, etc.) Omits significant portions and/or fails to follow APA format Uses elements of APA format, but many errors noted Uses appropriate APA format consistently and accurately throughout paper ___/15


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