Education  5 A’s

The article should cover the 5 A’s are Assumption, Agree, Argue, Aspire and ApplyYou will use the 5 A’s Protocol and will select and report on a newsworthy article that explores concepts, issues, research, events associated with health issues and conditions of infants/toddlers, or early intervention laws, programs, services, and issues related to infants/toddlers with special needs and or/special education. This event must have occurred no more than 12 months prior (so, within the past year). Current events must be found from a reliable media source (i.e. newspaper, news website, medical journal, educational magazine, etc.)Be sure to include a link to the article or an uploaded copy of the article.1. ◦ What assumptions does the author of the text hold? For example, does the author assume the readers have limited understanding of the topic, and provides definitions, graphics, etc.? Does the author assume the readers are parents, teachers, health professionals, based on the tone and/or language used in the article, etc.?◦2.  What do you agree with in the text?◦3.  What do you want to argue with in the text? If there is nothing with you disagree, you may instead ask the author questions or describe something you might want to explore further about the topic discussed. Do not just write, “I agree with everything…”◦4. What parts of the text do you aspire to? For example, what teaching practices would you aspire to implement as a result of what was discussed in your article? Or, what policies would you like to change as a result? What do you aspire to change or grow about your own teaching philosophy as a result of the article?◦5. How can you apply the concepts from this text in your own teaching and/or learning?

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