Education  Article Summary 3 CM

Article ReviewIntroductionThis assignment will give you the opportunity to read an article and learn about classroom management principles.The AssignmentRead the article (above) and answer the following questions. Be sure to see grading criteria below.1. Order each principle (1-5) in order of importance to you.2. Explain why you ranked each principle in the order you chose.3. For each principle, give a specific example of how you will achieve itGrading Criteria1. Each principal is ranked 1-5 (2 points each, 10 points)2. Explanation of ranking (5-7 sentence explanation for each) (5 points each, 25 points)3. Explanation of how you will achieve each principle (7-10 sentences each) 10 points each, 50 points)4. Spelling/Grammar -up to 20 points

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