Education  EDUC 6125 Week 8 Discussion Question

Week 8 Discussion QuestionFor this week’s Discussion, review the scenarios and ethical dilemmas below*. Select an issue of interest to you and conduct a search for additional information in the Walden Library or on the Internet related to the issue you selected that could guide your response. Then, consider the following:What ethical issues or implications might exist around your selected scenario?What consequences could result from unethical practices or the perception of unethical practices in the given situation?What can you do to avoid any unethical practices?What ethical guidelines or professional standards apply to the situation and can guide you in your decision-making?*Note: You may speculate and expand upon any missing information from the scenarios to complete your analysis. Be sure to clarify any assumptions you are making in your post.Scenario 3: You are an instructional designer with a small consulting and training firm. As part of your job, you contract with subject matter experts (SME) to write training courses on various topics based on the needs of your clients. While reviewing the curriculum and content of a course just delivered by a new SME, you realize that some of the content sounds familiar to you. You conduct a quick Internet search on some of the key phrases, and realize that the SME has plagiarized some of the content and has not cited the sources. The course has taken weeks to develop, and is due to your client in a few days. You consider the actions you should take in revising the course and in dealing with the SME.

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