Education  email of complaint

Please write the letter addressing the principal of a school.The letter is to address the fact that my daughter is being bullied. Last year my daughter had an accident were she was hit by a student and it was brought to the attention of the principal. The student that hit my daughter last year did get kicked out of the school but earlier in this school year she had her lunch money stolen and was bullied by some of the students in her class. And today on 11/20/2019 my daughter informed me again that she is being bullied by 3 people in her class and i feel like nothing is being  done about it. My daughter had objects being thrown at her during class today 11/20 and the letter is to informed the principal that I will not tolerate my child being bullied by having her money stole, things being thrown at her, and having her fear for her safety. The letter is to inform the principal how this type of behavior is not conducive to her learning. and how frustrated i am as a parent. Please make sure to check for any grammatical errors. The letter is to be in the form of an email and professional. Please express my frustrations with the school and concerned I am about my child.

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