Education  Internet Use

Assignment 1 Internet Access and Use (10%)Please write a narrative addressing the following points and submit in a Word document. This document must include a cover page and properly formatted according to the APA manual. It is important for you to understand how you connect to and access the Internet and its resources at home and at work.  Points will be deducted for poor grammar and poorly written narrative.Introduction: Briefly describe your personal/professional experience as an Internet user. How long have you been using the Internet? How proficient are you?Access and Internet Service Provider(ISP) at home: What kind of access (dial up,cable modem, DSL) do you have and what service connects you to the Internet?Have your experiences been largely positive or negative (is the service reliable, do they have good technical support when needed)?Type of Internet Connection at Work: You may have to contact a technical staff person in your  organization to get specific information – try to learn as much as you can about your access from work. Are your computers connected to aLocalArea Network (LAN) that is part of a Wide Area Network (WAN)? Do you have high speed access – perhaps a T1?You do not have to provide too many technical details here.Technical Support at Work: Who is your first point of contact for technical information and support at your organization? You do not have to include the person’s name – just a title will do.If you don’t know, ask your supervisor.Perhaps they can help you.Preferred Browser: What is your default browser at home and at work?Do you use one exclusively?Are you familiar with others?If so, which ones? Bookmarks or Favorites: Do you save Web site URLs by bookmarking them so that you can easily revisit them? Do you organize your bookmarks in folders? It is recommended that you begin this practice so that you can archive the many Internet resources you will find throughout your degree program.ListServ Mailing Lists:Were you already familiar with the concept of listserv mailing lists?What value do you think they hold for you as an educator? Do you subscribe to any other listservs? Conclusion:Is your access experience at home different.Conclusion: Is your access experience at home different from that at work? How so? How have you found Internet access to be valuable to you?You may address personal uses such as staying in touch with family and friends via email, but please include its professional value to you, also.

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