Education  LP-M4A1

In this module’s Case Study Advocacy in Action, you reflected on how you would advocate for the Carefree family so that Peggy can have adequate food and clothes. You conducted research and found an agency called XYZ Community Center which supplies free meals and clothes to needy families. For this assignment, your task is to write a letter to Mr. Carefree informing him of your findings and encouraging him to use this resource. Review Case Study: Advocacy in Action in this module before completing this assignment.  **ATTACHED BELOW**Create a sample one (1) page letter to Mr. Carefree. Your letter should include the following:A professional greeting.Opening remarks that include a short description of yourself as an early childhood educator, your beliefs about the importance and benefits of a partnership with families, and your commitment to supporting families.The body of your letter should include your findings regarding XYZ Community Center and the services it provides families. Include a fictitious address and phone number for XYZ Community Center to encourage Mr. Carefree to visit. This is your opportunity to be creative in connecting families to needed resources.Your closing remarks should include be encouraging and include the benefits of the resources for Peggy.Include a professional signature.**RUBRIC**Opening Remarks25% of total gradeMastery: Advanced or exceeds achievementOpening remarks include clear, detailed, short personal description, beliefs about partnerships and personal commitment to supporting families.Body of Letter TS-Communication50% of total gradeMastery: Advanced or exceeds achievementBody of letter contains clear details about the services XYZ Community Center provides and contact information (fictitious address and phone number) is included.Positive Tone15% of total gradeMastery: Advanced or exceeds achievementThe letter clearly conveys a positive, professional tone in the greeting, closing remarks and signature.

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