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Write your reflections on why you agree from the classmate post by selecting an idea from the reading, describing your thoughts and feelings about it. (MINIMUM OF 200 WORDS)CLASSMATE’S POSTAs a music teacher of almost 700 students, there was a lot of data to sift through at the beginning of the year. I was given access to each student’s individual data that included their demographics, previous year’s grades, IEPs/504s, and even though I was not a gen-ed classroom teacher I was given their previous test scores for those that it applied to. Thankfully for the class I have been teaching, I was able to use that data to individualize lessons and assessments for my students, though much of that did not always apply to my class aside from IEPs and 504s.While we can look up student scores and each school’s testing data, I would like to see how they utilize that data to make decisions for curriculum, policy, etc.  While I understand some data must be held at the administrative level, I feel that we as educators should be able to look at the data as well to see down the path for our students. If we can see the data that our middle schoolers are struggling in a certain area, we can work on the beginning stages, start scaffolding that subject so that they have a baseline when they get to that grade. Each year is supposed to build off of each other, and while we teach one grade, one class at a time, we are preparing them for the future. For my class, there is no data that I need to see that I do not have access to, however the forever learner and education advocate would like to see all of the data and how it is being used to impact our district.

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