Education  Week 4 bibl

$12 SummariesWith each word being worth 10 cents, write four $12 summaries of the reading from any four of the following chapters in Everyday Bible Study:15. Observe: How to Make Accurate Observations16. How to Use Multiple Translations of the Bible17. How to Ask Key Questions28. Interpret: How to Find the Meaning of the Bible29. Correlate: How to Connect Scripture to Other Scriptures30. Correlate: How to See Jesus in the Bible31. Apply: How to Live Out What You Learn32. How to Study the Old Testament Genres, Part 1: Law33. How to Study the Old Testament Genres, Part 2: Narrative34. How to Study the Old Testament Genres, Part 3: Wisdom and Poetry35. How to Study the Old Testament Genres, Part 4: Prophetic LiteratureThis means that in this assignment you are developing four summaries of 120 words each (one for each of the four chapters you selected). You should aim to create four summaries where each summary is between 100-120 words. Each of your summaries should not exceed the 120-word or $12 limit. For an example of this type of thread, please see the provided example in the Course Content folder.

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