From the given discussion preparation scenario, outline a plan for a one-day training program that follows the Experiential Learning Model (ELM).

This is an example from the professor:Implementation of the Training” Please respond to the following:•            From the scenario, outline a plan for a one-day training program that follows the Experiential Learning Model.The experimental learning model provides ideas for a training and development structure and includes exercises or games into the training as well. I have provided an ELT for a call center that provides customer service.8-5 with a one hour lunchCouse objectives. This one day training will provide:1) Assistance with developing a professional and consistent technique in communicating with customers2) Skills on how to engage with customers on a personal level or better known as creating a rapport with customers.3) Learn communication skills, and how to probe customers for info as well as how to answer their questions effectively and efficiently.4) Discover ways to exceed job and customer expectationsCourse OverviewIntroduction (8-9)Trainees will introduce themselves with a game called breaking the ice. This is simply a game of introducing yourself to the other trainees including: name, 1 personal thing about yourself, hobby and personal objective for the training class.Then we will discuss the importance of customer service, and if time permits good or bad customer service experiences.The Lecture (9-12) (break 10-1015)Handling Customer QuestionsExamples of Company expectations (recorded calls, good and bad)Ways and importance of creating a 5 minute friend (building rapport with the customer)How important tone of voice is, and how having a physical smile on your face can come through in the tone of your voice as well as through your attitude.Lunch (12-1)Information and Experience (1-2)Importance of listening and understanding the customer’s needs.Group discussions; to share any questions or issues about the prior information provided.Then class discussion with proposals of different approaches that could have been taken on the calls.Expectations (2-330) (break 230-245)Customer Service ExpectationsTreating others how you want to be treated.Customer relationshipsTrustFollow up and follow through importanceKnowledge Check and Practice (330-430)Role Play/Mock CallsAngry/Irate Customer Calls and Pleasant Customer CallsDiscuss positive and negative approaches to customer serviceDiscuss ways to calm customersKnowledge CheckCourse Feedback (430-500)

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