Merger Deals/Negotiation Stratedgy

Question description


1. 5 questions multiple choice

Answer each of the following questions with either TRUE or FALSE.Highlight the correct answer in your submission.

  • Commercial items are not exempt from the requirements for cost or pricing data and CAS.True or False
  • There are 20 Cost Accounting Standards.True or False
  • Cost realism analysis must be performed in connection with award of all fixed price contracts.True or False
  • Certified Cost or Pricing Data does not apply to government contracts when cost analysis is performed.True or False
  • Prices set by law or regulations are exempt from CAS and Cost or Pricing data.True or False

2. Written Paper

Airbus and Boeing have decided to enter merger discussions. Assume that each firm will be employing agents to assist in the deal. Take the position as the Principal lead for Boeing, and structure a negotiation strategy based on internal and external plans, price negotiation steps and stages to capstone what you have learned in the course to date.

In all cases, JUSTIFY your answer.The information in the scenario is all that you need for this assignment. However, you are allowed to make assumptions and are encouraged to do additional research which will support additional information that you need to sufficiently justify your exposition

Use Headings for your major points and ease of readability. You are expected to observe APA guidelines for sources.

DO NOT SUBMIT A PAPER THAT IS ONE CONTINUOUS PARAGRAPH. Rather, keep your thoughts organized by placing a space between paragraphs, and NUMBER YOUR RESPONSES with Headings to match the requirements.

Your total response should be no more than the equivalent of 3-4 typed, double-spaced pages (plus or minus ten percent). This paper is worth 30 points and see course schedule for due date.

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