Personality Psyc Assignment- 2500 Words

Please read bellow to know what is needed exactly

Write a personality analysis about Winston Churchill.

You will need to select concepts or theories from two (2) distinct personality perspectives/approaches for analyzing this person’s life. You must select from the following personality approaches: Trait approach, psychoanalytic approach, learning and cognitive approaches, biological approach, or humanistic approach. You will need to use concepts/theories from two distinct personality approaches in order to understand or shed light on this person’s life including his or her choices, accomplishments, struggles, fears, etc.


You will need to build your analysis and use of a specific theory or concept using vivid and descriptive examples from the person’s life. You must include rich, biographical information in order to support your interpretation and analysis. It is not sufficient to argue that an individual chronically relied on defense mechanisms without providing clear and detailed examples supporting your argument. For each concept or theory extracted from a distinct personality paradigm, you will need to: a) Clearly and thoroughly describe the personality concept or theory from the specific personality approach, (b) explain how it can be used to understand or illuminate a specific aspect of the individual’s life, and (c) support this connection by presenting clear, thorough, and engaging examples.


use those two books (the unexpected hero) and (war leader).

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