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A Personal Physical Activity Plan Paper (CLO #2 and CLO #7)

This assignment has THREE steps. Each step builds on the next. You will need to complete and submit all four parts for full credit.


For the next seven days, record:

· The number of minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity (3-5.9 METS) you accumulate daily.

· Vigorous-intensity physical activity (>6 METS) you accumulate daily.

· You will note the amount of time you spend in sedentary activity (sitting) other than sleeping.

· The normal week would be reflective of your regular lifestyle.

For the week that you choose to record, be honest. Do not do extra (beyond normal) physical activity or exercise than usual.

The information will be submitted in a chart format. It can be a word document chart. The chart is attached.

Once you have determined the total minutes of moderate and vigorous physical activity and exercise along with total minutes accumulated per week, go to the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines and answer the following questions:

1. What are the minimum physical activity recommendations for adults ages 18-65? Include citations/references.

2. Did you achieve or exceed the minimum recommendations for adults ages 18 to 65 during the week?

3. Why were you able to achieve or not achieve the guidelines?

4. Was this a typical week for you? Why or why not?


Now that you have assessed your current physical activity levels, develop and describe a personalized plan to meet the minimal levels of the guidelines to become or remain physically active in the future.

Complete the following information requested and use the 2018 guidelines (see pages 23-36 in the text for more) to help you develop a personal physical activity and exercise plan if you do not have experience doing so.

1. Describe and list your personal health goals (Improve cardiorespiratory health, maintain weight, reduce risk of or control diabetes, etc..)

2. Aerobic activity goals (Frequency, intensity, duration per day, total minutes per week, etc…)

3. Muscle-strengthening activity goals (Frequency, muscle groups used, number of sets and repetitions, type (amount) of resistance used)


Write up a 3-4 page APA report which describes your plan to continue to be physically active to meet the 2018 physical activity guidelines and also evaluate your success/failure to achieve/maintain the physical activity plan you set for yourself. Answer the following questions:

1. What was your personal activity and exercise plan? Provide a detailed explanation. Include health, aerobic, and muscle-strengthening activity goals.

2. Was each of your goals easy, moderate or difficult to achieve? Can you continue these goals long-term?

1. How did you try to achieve your goals? Explain in detail.

2. If you were unable to achieve your goals, explain why you think this happened.

3. What are your personal recommendations for achieving/maintaining these goals in the future?

1. Provide evidence-based advice for achieving the goal if the goal was not attained.

2. Provide evidence-based advice/support for continuing the goals or increasing the goals.

View a student example paper , is attached.


Points for spelling, grammar, APA

Submit each step together as one single document. Each step is needed to complete the assignment.


MET Calculator: PA Intensity Table: Measure PA Overview: Measuring – Heart Rate: Measuring – Perceived Exertion: PA Guideline Videos: PA Glossary:

Struggling to find evidence to support your population choice for your presentation? Remember to check out the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines Part F. The Science Base.

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