Stratification And Prejudice In Current Events – ASAP

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The purpose of this assignment is to explore stratification and  prejudice in current events. Despite great advances towards equality between  the races and genders, racial and gender discrimination, as well as class  stratification remain serious social problems. To conclude this course, you  will use the news media to discover current social issues with regards to race  and gender.To complete this assignment, perform the following tasks:Using newspapers, news websites, or news magazines,  select three current events (within the last six months) that reflect our  studies on stratification. One event  should represent racial issues, one gender issues, and one class issues.All three should demonstrate discrimination  and/or stratification in American society.
Using your research, describe the current events  and how they are reflective of your studies on racial, gender, and class  discrimination and/or stratification.
Analyze the events and apply the lecture and text  to the news articles. What theories of stratification apply?Are the current events representative of the  historical trends of racial, gender, and class discrimination and or/stratification?  What solutions, if any, should be applied to these current events?
In your discussion, apply your personal experiences  and observations to the current events.
How do you feel that the media perpetuates  discrimination and/or stratification based on race, gender, and class? Support your ideas with concepts from the  text and/or appropriate outside resources.Provide a minimum of  three references and apply the correct APA standards in the format of text,  citations, and references.  Your paper  should include a title page and reference. Your paper should be at least five  pages in length, not including the title and reference pages.

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Maximum Points

Selected and used research to describe three current events, one each that addresses racial, gender, and class discrimination and/or stratification.


Analyzed each current event, incorporating theories and concepts from the text, lecture, and appropriate outside resources.


Compared the current events to historical trends of racial, gender, and class discrimination and or/stratification.


Suggested possible solutions for each current event.


Applied personal experiences and observations to the current events.


Analyzed the media’s role in perpetuating discrimination and/or stratification.


Written Components:
Organization (16)
Usage and mechanics (16)
APA elements (24)
Style (8)




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