Study on Generational Diversity in the Workplace, pages 111-117. There are a lot of credible articles on this subject for additional academic references.

1.What are the generational issues Julia faces with each employee? What cultural, historic, or societal issues may influence these generational issues?2.How do these generational issues affect Julia’s management of the department?3.What can Julia do to improve customer service within the department?4.What generalizations are made by upper management about the employees? In your opinion, are they right, or are they wrong? Be specific.5.Have you faced similar or different exchanges in your retail shopping experience with employees of different generational cohorts? Give details to support your answer.Please remember to  Include the title of each question and provide your answers directly below each question.Requirements:Use APA format for Title page, in-text citations and reference page. Abstract not necessary.Use 12pt. font in Times New Roman and double-spaceMinimally, provide 2-3 paragraphs, 5-6 lines per paragraph, for each answer.

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