week 2 disc24 Delivery of high-quality and consistent services is a big challenge in the health care system nowadays, writing homework help

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“Delivery of high-quality and consistent services is a big challenge in the health care system nowadays. Evidence based practice (EBP), a problem-solving approach to patient care based on the best available and valid evidence, leads to enhanced quality of care, reduced costs, and the individual and professional development of nurses and other health workers.” (Hindawi, 2015)

The main issue to address a solution to evidence based nursing practice that I have observed in my health care organization is lack of skills. Nurses are feel they did not receive adequate training to follow new change in practice. If nurses will not feel their selves comfortable with new change in practice it will arise insecurity in them and they will be more prone to do mistake or unable to follow new practice. To make change happen, health care providers not only need to know importance and benefit of change, but also how best to competently carry out the change. Healthcare professionals may need training to ensure they have the skills to deliver best practice. It will give them confidence and sense of security. Administration need to understand health care staff need more time to learn new skills and practice them. Individual abilities, interpersonal skills and coping strategies will also affect how easy or difficult it will be for individuals to learn new skills.

In my point of view educational meetings and skill fair can be first step in addressing and resolving this issue. Conferences, workshops, training courses and lectures are often used to educate healthcare professionals about the latest developments in their field. These meetings can be divided into two categories: large-scale meetings, such as lectures and conferences where the audience is largely passive, and small-scale meetings, such as interactive workshops and training courses where the participants take a more active role in learning. The more interactive a meeting is, the more effective it is in changing behavior. On other hand conferences and lectures raise awareness about the desired change.

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