Week 7 Assignment

To begin this Assignment, use scholarly sources to identify and select a contemporary article that describes an organization with a performance issue. You may also use an organization with which you are personally familiar.Then, to complete this Assignment, review the Learning Resources for this week, and other resources you identify in the Walden Library or online, and respond to the following bullets in a 3 page APA format academic paper.Prepare a gap analysis that includes a description of your findings and recommendations, along with the following components/sections:Define a gap analysis and discuss how it is utilized related to Human Resources.Define the current and desired state of the organization you identified.Identify the existing resources, organizational capabilities, and performance deficiencies within the chosen organization.Identify the alternatives that are available to close/eliminate the gap between the desired state and the current state.Assess 2–3 performance management strategies available to the organization in working toward its desired state.Formulate a solution, i.e., select 1 strategy and provide a brief rationale, including 4–6 action steps for implementing the strategy; and identify a post-implementation metric that can be used to track the performance of the strategy once implemented.

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