What are five characteristics that help differentiate projects from other functions carried out in the daily operations of the organization?

Answers will require (100-150) word full sentence response

  1. What are five characteristics that help differentiate projects from other functions carried out in the daily operations of the organization?
  2. What is meant by an integrative approach to project management? Why is this approach important in today’s environment?
  3. How are projects linked to the strategic plan?
  4. Why does the priority system described in this chapter require that it be open and published?
  5. What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of the functional, matrix, and dedicated team approaches to managing projects?
  6. What do you believe is more important for successfully completing a project- the formal project management structure or the culture of the parent organization?
  7. What are the six elements of a typical scope statement?
  8. What does it mean if the priorities of a project include: Time-constrain, Scope accept, and Cost-enhance?
  9. What are the differences between bottom-up and top-down estimating approaches? Under what conditions would you prefer one over the other?
  10. What are the major types of costs? Which costs are controllable by the project manager?
  11. How does the WBS differ from the Project Network?
  12. Why is slack important to the project manager?
  13. Project risks can/cannot be eliminated if the project is carefully planned.
  14. What are the likely outcomes if a change control process is not used? Why?
  15. How does resource scheduling reduce flexibility in managing projects?
  16. Explain the risks associated with leveling resources, compressing or crashing projects and imposed durations or “catch-up” as the project is being implemented.
  17. What are the advantages and disadvantages of reducing project scope to accelerate a project?
  18. Why is scheduling overtime a popular choice for getting projects back on schedule?
  19. What is the difference between leading and managing a project?
  20. Why is it critical to keep the project sponsor informed?
  21. Why should a project manager emphasize group rewards over individual rewards?
  22. When should it be appropriate to hold a formal team-building session on a project?
  23. What are the best practices used by forms to outsource project work?
  24. How can a project manager influence customer expectations and perceptions?
  25. How does a Tracking Gantt chart help communicate3 project progress?
  26. Why is it important for project managers to resist changes to the project baseline?
  27. How does the project closure review differ from the performance measurement control system?
  28. Why is it difficult to perform a truly independent, objective review?
  29. How do environmental factors affect project implementation?
  30. How should you go about preparing yourself for an international project?
  31. What are the major economic forces that serve as an impetus for using oversight/governance tools and processes?
  32. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Agile Project Management?
  33. Why are project management knowledge and skills transferable across industries? And Professionals?

What are the problems with relying on this option?

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