What are the drivers of Health Care Reform and how do they affect access to Health Care, health and medicine homework help

Question description

1. Evaluate the implications of the effects of contemporary health policy on providers and consumers.

2.Assess the legislative and policy-making strategies specific to scope of practice and nursing roles that influence health care services and practice.

Choose a health care treatment option that is controversial and maybe costly. Describe the positive and negative benefits from the treatment, evidence of effectiveness, and the potential harm of a different treatment option. What strategies would you use to advocate for a legislative change in your state to influence insurance coverage for this treatment.

  1. Choose a controversial health care treatment option. Describe the treatment.
  2. Describe the social and legal controversy associated with your controversial treatment.
  3. Describe the evidence that supports the effectiveness of the controversial treatment.
  4. Describe the evidence that does not support the effectiveness of the controversial treatment.
  5. Compare and contrast the positive and negative benefits or harm of the controversial treatment.
  6. Compare and contrast positive and negative aspects of available traditional treatments.
  7. Compare and contrast the costs of the controversial treatment with the costs associated with traditional treatments
  8. Describe the required process for legislative change to occur in your state.
  9. Describe a strategies that you would you use at the local and state level to advocate for a legislative change in your state that would influence insurance coverage for this treatment.
  10. Provide an estimated timeline for your legislative change to occur. Use the steps describe in required process for legislative change for your state.


  • This is a fact-based Assignment that will not include your opinion.
  • This will require research and support for what is written.
  • The Assignment should be in your words after reading the scholarly and fact-based publications and have proper citations. There should be no quotations. The professor wants to hear your voice as a masters trained nurse.
  • The paper should have a minimum of seven citations and some of these should be case law or applicable statutes.

Journal Readings

Please retrieve and read the following journal articles

American Nurses Association. (2015). Health care reform. Retrieved from http://www.nursingworld.org/healthcarereform

Arnold, H. D. (2013). The Affordable Care Act and international recruitment and migration of nursing professionals. Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies20(2), 1373–1391. doi:10.2979/indjglolegstu.20.2.1373

Buerhaus, P. I., DesRoches, C., Applebaum, S., Hess, R. Norman, L. D., & Donelan, K. (2012). Are nurses ready for health care reform? A decade of survey research. Nursing Economic$, 30(6), 318–330.

Fox, J. B., & Shaw, F. E. (2015). Clinical preventive services: Coverage and the Affordable Care Act. American Journal of Public Health105(1), e7-e10. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2014.302289

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