Making a Difference Through CollaborationYou are presenting a message to a Parent-Teacher Organization including the group’s officers and parents who are in attendance. You are asking for both their support as parents and their help in convincing school administrators to offer collaboration opportunities for school teaching staff. Imagine your school currently has no opportunity to collaborate with fellow teachers because of scheduling conflicts.Create a PowerPoint presentation that addresses these two topics:a) Promote time for teacher collaboration. Highlight where it can happen in the school setting (10 slides).b) Summarize ways teachers will show they are making a difference in maximizing student achievement because of a newly adopted improvement goal they have implemented. Reference a strategy/intervention of your choice (10 slides).Your presentation should be at least 20 slides in length including the title slide and references slides. Use APA format and a reference slide for at least two references within the slideshow, one of which can be the course textbook.

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