Education  Childrens Literature Week 1

Scenario: Your school administrator has asked you to create a weekly article for parents with the topic being children’s literature. The article will be featured on the school website. The purpose of the article is to educate parents on the importance of quality children’s literature in the development of their young reader. The administrator intends for you to write a new article each week in which you will share current ideas and information about children’s literature, along with recommendations of books and authors for parents to explore at home with their children.This assignment requires a description of five children’s literature awards and a book summary for two books which have won or been honored by awards.Research the following children’s literature awards:Newbery AwardCaldecott AwardCoretta Scott King AwardPura Belpre AwardHorn Book AwardBegin the assignment with an introduction of yourself and the purpose of the weekly articles.Write a 50-word or more description of each of the awards. Include:history of the award (how did it come about, how did it get its name, when was the first award, etc)criteria for receiving the award (what criteria are used to determine if a book is worthy of the award)types of books/authors/illustrators for which the award is givenany other pertinent informationSelect and read one book awarded or honored by two of the awards (two books total).Write a 200-word or more description of each book to include the following:The title of the book, author’s name, and illustrator, if anySummary of the book (A summary includes characters, setting, quick synopsis of plot or story line)Reasons why the book is deserving of the award based on the award’s criteria (how are the criteria evident within the book’s story line)Genre of the book and characteristics of the book that place it within the genre (Genre and characteristics can be found in the textbook and genre explanation for this week.)Include: The Award Winning Books assignment must include a title page, introduction (which introduces yourself and the purpose of the article), conclusion, citations for references, and reference page. APA guidelines must be followed.Submit your assignment.

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